Posted by: brampey | December 23, 2011

Link to Haiti Trip Pictures



  1. I am spending the wee hours of Christmas morning reading your Haiti journal and my heart is so touched and I feel so deeply your emotions since I experienced so many similiar situations on my trips to Venezuela and Mexico. It takes gut-wrenching moments like these to make us truly know how blessed we are with the material things in life: hot showers, clean homes, a roof over our heads, someone who loves us, transportations, on and on. Everytime we see a dark-eyed, soleful child on TV we say :we’ll take him/her. The other thing that blesses me so is how truly faithful to the Lord they are and how much they want to know the Lord Jesus…we would have to build many churches if people here in the U.S. had that same hunger for God. I am so very thankful that He gave me the privilege of serving Him on the trips I made…my heart cries to go again but alas I know that cannot be. Treasure each of these memories my dear. You will not forget them for a moment! Praying you both can have a little rest and begin the New Year refreshed.
    In Him,

  2. Your journal was wonderful to read. I felt I was there with you on many of the entries and glad I wasn’t on others. Hahahahaha…… God Bless you alwasys. Joy Bryant

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