Posted by: brampey | August 25, 2011

Katy can . . . that is did!

On a recent morning, Greg Hayes (Camp Manager) and I went to the Holly Springs store for breakfast. We drove separately because Greg was going on to “town” (“Table Rock-speak” for Pickens, Easley, Greenville, et al). As I turned onto Highway 11, I noticed a katydid of some variety attached to my windshield. It started moving and I started going faster. It hung on. I continued to go faster and it continued to hang on. I watched in amazement as I reached the speed limit (and a little more) . . . and it was still there. I thought to myself, “How could it do that?” It occurred to me that this little creature was created with a capacity to do just what I was witnessing. And it was doing it!
What amazing things were we created with the capacity to do, but have not done because we thought it impossible? The answer is, “More than we know.” Let’s try stretching our wings or holding on longer than we think we can.



  1. Good thought!

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