Posted by: brampey | August 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary! It’s a girl!

A phone call from son-in-law, Matthew, on Monday evening, August 1, let me know that I must pack my things and go to Newberry.  Our daughter, Emily, was in labor.  It seemed as if had been just a few mornings earlier–because it was–that I had received a similar call from our son, Aaron.  Joan and I slept while Emily labored, and Matthew coached, all night.  Around 10:00 the next morning, I took Ethan and Cora Jane to their caregivers and met Joan, Emily and Matthew at the hospital.  At 12:11pm, August 2, Joan and I received the coolest anniversary present ever . . . our newest grandchild, Tabitha Ruth Miller.  She was a healthy 7 lb. 7 oz, Emily was great, and we rejoiced and thanked our Heavenly Father. Forty-two years to the day that we were married, we became grandparents for the twelfth time!  There were now seven girls and five boys.  Thanks, Tabitha, for making our anniversary unforgettable!

Congratulations, Matthew and Emily.  We feel so blessed that Tabitha has you for her parents!


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